The Artist Formerly Known As Shame (darkstargrrl) wrote in spiritlamp,
The Artist Formerly Known As Shame


I would like imput from everyone who wants to participate before we actually begin the RPG. I'm pretty sure we all have basically the same idea in mind. An RPG taking place in late 19th century Europe. Yet to be determined is what city it will take place in, what sort of characters we'll have, etc. I'm a firm believer in everyone who wants to participate participating. I guess I'm the moderator, but this is basically going to be unmoderated. I think we should include both original and historical characters, for example, Bernard Shaw. I guess it'll be first-come first serve for those. I'm inviting everyone to post introducing their original characters, story lines, etc. We can probably start the actual RP in about a week. What do you all think?
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