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Hello, I am very interested in joining this here RP, if that suits you kids...

I do have a few questions, however... first, is there anything that one would need to keep in mind while creating a character? certain questions that we should try to answer? how much history/ detail should we go into? Second, I've heard the word steampunk thrown around, I was wondering if we're talking airships and gear school mech, or... well whether that wouldn' work in this world. Related, how true to reality/ history is the world? Is it darker? for instance, is London more grey and sooty than it was then for ambiance? Is there magic? I'm just trying to get a sense of the society so that I can create a character that could conceivably be a product of it.

I'm thinking a very spoiled bourgeois young woman who is a 'salon slut' by that I mean a philosophical/ artistic scenester. She darts between places where 'things are happening,' obsesses over great thinkers and is the basis of many a wild rumour within the intelligentsia (i.e. had an affair with Nietzsche, was one of Gustav Klimt's muses... etc).

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