The Artist Formerly Known As Shame (darkstargrrl) wrote in spiritlamp,
The Artist Formerly Known As Shame

Possible Plots?

I thought now would be a good time to suggest this. I've been thinking up some plot ideas, and I'd like you all to tell me what you think of this specific one. Needless to say, if anyone else has any plot ideas, let me know.

We're all introducing our various diverse characters, and I've been thinking of a way to tie them all together. Perhaps the stories could revolve around a particular private club (of the sort that were very popular among the aristocracy in Victorian times), perhaps called The Spirit Lamp, after this community. It's also worth noting here that I named the community after a short-lived Victorian publication spearheaded by Lord Alfred Douglas, though I myself am quite unsure what exactly a Spirit Lamp is.

If you think about it, the concept of a private club would probably give us a lot of room for interesting story lines. It'd give our characters a place to socialize with one another, discuss the state of affairs in Europe, and enjoy drinks. (For the record, I found a site with good info for writers concerning absinthe.)

I've been thinking it might be interesting if the club was owned by a wealthy gentleman, an owner of some textile mills, etc, who has suddenly passed away, leaving the ownership of the club rather ambiguous. Perhaps he had a shadowy past. Perhaps he didn't have a will. Perhaps the whole club has a shadowy past that is just now coming to light.

So, this is just one idea, and I'm sure everyone has an idea. I'm just stupid enough to post mine first. Feel free to comment, criticize, debauch, etc. Lemme know what you think, in other words. Who else has ideas? I'm sure if we put our heads together we'll come up with something workable by the weekend.

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Yes, that's actually what I was thinking too, the club that is. I like it, just one thought though (this doesn't apply to me so much) but private clubs of the time were exclusively male weren't they..?
You're probably right, but I don't know. Didn't Oscar Wilde's wife belong to a private club alongside her husband? I suppose, though, she just got dragged into it by her husband.

I wonder though, if this particular club might admit women, provided they were of noble breeding (i'm trying so hard to be 1890s), and perhaps this would be one of the reasons it has been considered so, well, scandalous. I know that in the Edwardian era, such clubs allowed women to join.

Incidently, have you ever heard of Miss Maud Allen (portreying Salome) the "famous 47,000?" I forget the proper title of said club, but from what I can gather, there was a highly publicized libel trial just before the first world war resulting from someone (names escape me) posting a implying that they were up to no good and a threat to national security.

Lord Alfred testified against the defendent in that case, as an "expert" on immoral goings-on, or something. It was one of those moments in history where Bosie and Robert Ross had a go of their long-standing feud.
I think you have a great idea!

Well, I know that the political salons in late-18th century France had women in them (usually as hostesses), but that's a century earlier than when this is taking place...still, even if in real life they were men only, we could always fudge that one little detail.