Commander X (hoorayforpokey) wrote in spiritlamp,
Commander X

my character bio

I've decided on using a character of my own, although he has obvious ties to certain literature of that time. Since no one's said anything against it, I'm making him French (Parisian, to be more precise).

Jean-Georges Sébastien Pontmercy

Pontmercy is a man of average height, thin with dark hair, in his mid-forties. Both his parents came from immense riches; he even inherited the title of an Imperial Baron from his father (whose father had recieved it from Napoléon himself, for servcies rendered to the Emperor at Waterloo). However, Jean-Georges had little need of such titles, even after the fall of the Second Empire; like his father, and the grandfathers he was named after, Pontmercy is an avid Republican and a revolutionist. At the time of the Prussian War, he enlisted in the National Guard to defend Paris, only to then turn his loyalties to the Revolutionary Commune, whose Government of Self-Defence he helped fund from his family inheritance (he being an only child, and both his parents having died by that time). He served the Commune as an Assemblyman and popular orator, and during the Second Siege he fought in the barricades, escaping death, imprisonment, and exile to New Caledonia, but not a bullet wound to the right leg that would leave him with a limp for the rest of his days.

Currently, Pontmercy is a member of the International Workingmen's Association, and asupporter of the French Socialist and Anarchist movements; still surviving with much of his wealth, he occasionally visits other European capitols, and has an avid interest in modern science and technological innovation.

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