The Artist Formerly Known As Shame (darkstargrrl) wrote in spiritlamp,
The Artist Formerly Known As Shame

That Reminds Me

This is obviously going to be vaguely alternate universe, and it has to be, if it's going to work. The big question in my mind right now is a rather touchy one. What parts of history will we include? Reading through recent posts, I realize we can't have androgynous characters, or a "knowing" Oxford student, as one person put it, without the issue of Victorian attitudes towards sexuality being brought up. I've seen other period RPGs (some steampunk, etc) that made a point of significantly updating the sexual attitudes of said period, ie, making them more aligned with those of today, what with woman's lib, and more pertinantly, gay rights. What does everyone think? I personally think that keeping Victorian moral ideas intact would provide our characters with a lot of interesting plots.
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