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The Spirit Lamp
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Date:2005-02-15 22:00

Love the fin de siecle?
Love Paris?
Wish you could LIVE there?

Join Absinthe in Paris, an RPG devoted to reliving one of the most beautiful eras of the past.

A seedy hotel in Montmartre?
A luxurious home on Rue Grenelle?
The cemeteries of Belleville?

Where will absintheinparis take you?

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Date:2003-12-03 19:36

Collapse )

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Date:2003-09-03 21:09
Subject:Can We Begin?

Not much has been going on here. I've been busy, and I guess everyone else has. Now, if you're all ready, can we start? It didn't seem like the "club" idea met much resistence, so I suppose we could start with that. I have a post I could make to start us off with a very loose plot that would allow us to develop our characters and how they are related to one another by posting letters, conversations, etc. The idea I am having revolves around a recent death. If anyone has any opposition to this, lemme know and make suggestions. If you're all go for it, then I'll post it.

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Date:2003-08-20 11:44
Mood: curious

Hello, I am very interested in joining this here RP, if that suits you kids...

I do have a few questions, however... first, is there anything that one would need to keep in mind while creating a character? certain questions that we should try to answer? how much history/ detail should we go into? Second, I've heard the word steampunk thrown around, I was wondering if we're talking airships and gear school mech, or... well whether that wouldn' work in this world. Related, how true to reality/ history is the world? Is it darker? for instance, is London more grey and sooty than it was then for ambiance? Is there magic? I'm just trying to get a sense of the society so that I can create a character that could conceivably be a product of it.

I'm thinking a very spoiled bourgeois young woman who is a 'salon slut' by that I mean a philosophical/ artistic scenester. She darts between places where 'things are happening,' obsesses over great thinkers and is the basis of many a wild rumour within the intelligentsia (i.e. had an affair with Nietzsche, was one of Gustav Klimt's muses... etc).


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Date:2003-08-20 00:49
Subject:Possible Plots?

I thought now would be a good time to suggest this. I've been thinking up some plot ideas, and I'd like you all to tell me what you think of this specific one. Needless to say, if anyone else has any plot ideas, let me know.

We're all introducing our various diverse characters, and I've been thinking of a way to tie them all together. Perhaps the stories could revolve around a particular private club (of the sort that were very popular among the aristocracy in Victorian times), perhaps called The Spirit Lamp, after this community. It's also worth noting here that I named the community after a short-lived Victorian publication spearheaded by Lord Alfred Douglas, though I myself am quite unsure what exactly a Spirit Lamp is.

If you think about it, the concept of a private club would probably give us a lot of room for interesting story lines. It'd give our characters a place to socialize with one another, discuss the state of affairs in Europe, and enjoy drinks. (For the record, I found a site with good info for writers concerning absinthe.)

I've been thinking it might be interesting if the club was owned by a wealthy gentleman, an owner of some textile mills, etc, who has suddenly passed away, leaving the ownership of the club rather ambiguous. Perhaps he had a shadowy past. Perhaps he didn't have a will. Perhaps the whole club has a shadowy past that is just now coming to light.

So, this is just one idea, and I'm sure everyone has an idea. I'm just stupid enough to post mine first. Feel free to comment, criticize, debauch, etc. Lemme know what you think, in other words. Who else has ideas? I'm sure if we put our heads together we'll come up with something workable by the weekend.

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Date:2003-08-19 16:38
Subject:Presenting Miss Adler.

The well-known adventuress Irene Adler is known to most as "The Woman" who once outwitted Sherlock Holmes himself (A Scandal in Bohemia).

Previous to the events recounted in that story, which include her tumultuous involvement with a King of Bohemia, Miss Adler's activities are numerous and suspect. It is purported that she made her fortune on the stages of Europe as a singer, dancer, and actress, after emigrating from America. However, her notorious talent for disguise and a number of assumed names have made it difficult indeed to verify her past deeds and current whereabouts. It is believed she is married to the barrister and Freemason Godfrey Norton, though possibly deceased under curious circumstances.

[Moreover, there is evidence to suggest that Holmes himself, no stranger to deliberate misinformation, has been part of an elaborate plot to further obfuscate the truth...]

His Highness Wilhelm von Ormstein: "You do not know her, but she has a soul of steel. She has the face of the most beautiful of women, and the mind of the most resolute of men."

Sherlock Holmes: "She is the daintiest thing under a bonnet on this planet."

Possible aliases: Irene Adler, Irene Norton, Madame Pierre Gautreau, Madame X, Miss Kate Vaughan, Catherine Candelon.

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Date:2003-08-18 17:10
Subject:irene adler, please.

irene adler.

i'll write up a bio tomorrow. she's a character in the sherlock holmes story "a scandal in bohemia." this will be my first rpg. and i promise to capitalize in my posts. :)

oh -- in the meantime, there is a bio for her here.

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Date:2003-08-17 19:35
Subject:my character bio

I've decided on using a character of my own, although he has obvious ties to certain literature of that time. Since no one's said anything against it, I'm making him French (Parisian, to be more precise).

Jean-Georges Sébastien Pontmercy

Pontmercy is a man of average height, thin with dark hair, in his mid-forties. Both his parents came from immense riches; he even inherited the title of an Imperial Baron from his father (whose father had recieved it from Napoléon himself, for servcies rendered to the Emperor at Waterloo). However, Jean-Georges had little need of such titles, even after the fall of the Second Empire; like his father, and the grandfathers he was named after, Pontmercy is an avid Republican and a revolutionist. At the time of the Prussian War, he enlisted in the National Guard to defend Paris, only to then turn his loyalties to the Revolutionary Commune, whose Government of Self-Defence he helped fund from his family inheritance (he being an only child, and both his parents having died by that time). He served the Commune as an Assemblyman and popular orator, and during the Second Siege he fought in the barricades, escaping death, imprisonment, and exile to New Caledonia, but not a bullet wound to the right leg that would leave him with a limp for the rest of his days.

Currently, Pontmercy is a member of the International Workingmen's Association, and asupporter of the French Socialist and Anarchist movements; still surviving with much of his wealth, he occasionally visits other European capitols, and has an avid interest in modern science and technological innovation.

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Date:2003-08-16 18:17
Subject:My Character

After much consideration, I've decided to go with a real guy. Here's the bio:

Aubrey Beardsley. Currently illustrating The Yellow Book and enjoying the life of the dandy, though addled by bouts of consumption. While his artwork is among the naughtiest to which the middle-class is exposed, his own lifestyle and temperament are tame compared with those of his friends and associates within the artistic and literary community. These include Wilde, Raffalovich, and Whistler.

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Date:2003-08-17 16:14

Should we post our character bios now, if we have them?

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Date:2003-08-16 15:10
Subject:That Reminds Me

This is obviously going to be vaguely alternate universe, and it has to be, if it's going to work. The big question in my mind right now is a rather touchy one. What parts of history will we include? Reading through recent posts, I realize we can't have androgynous characters, or a "knowing" Oxford student, as one person put it, without the issue of Victorian attitudes towards sexuality being brought up. I've seen other period RPGs (some steampunk, etc) that made a point of significantly updating the sexual attitudes of said period, ie, making them more aligned with those of today, what with woman's lib, and more pertinantly, gay rights. What does everyone think? I personally think that keeping Victorian moral ideas intact would provide our characters with a lot of interesting plots.

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Date:2003-08-15 23:49

Is there a certain date we should have our characters written up by?

Also, what time does this take place in: 1880s, 1890s, late 1890s?

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Date:2003-08-15 22:14

This sounds like a wonderful idea...I'm new to the idea of RPG but I write short stories, so...

I am in love with this era, this art form, this culture.

As for a character, I'm thinking along the lines of an androgyne who can pass for both genders, a Monsieur Venus type girl [but a bit more gentler], a cross-dressing actress or singer or something along those lines. Or perhaps a writer of erotica, published, of course, by Leonard Smithers. She'd be original of course.

I'm all for the idea of having various settings as well...

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Date:2003-08-15 21:05

Paris or London would be good, yes, but what about Berlin, new capitol of a new superpower, or Petersburg, 16th Century capitol in a 19th Century world? Perhaps we could have more than one setting?

As to my character, I'm not sure what he'll be...I'm torn between a military officer, a Marxist politician/activist (or if it's in Paris, a Communard surivor of the civil war), or an engineer/mechanic/scientist type.

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Date:2003-08-15 20:50
Subject:Historical Figures and Established Characters

Just some ideas...Not all from the same decade, but...

Bernard Shaw
Oscar Wilde
Des Esseintes
Henry James
Walt Whitman
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Dorian Gray
Charles Baudelaire
Jules Verne
Alfred "Bosie" Douglas
H.G. Wells
Robert Ross
Sherlock Holmes
John Watson
Arthur Rimbaud
Robert Ross
Paul Verlaine
Lord Rosebury
Alfred Lord Tenyson
(Feel free to add on, etc)

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Date:2003-08-14 21:37
Subject:Tally Ho
Mood: excited

What an excellent idea for an RPG! Of course I can't resist adding some characters, mainly from the artistic/literary community . . .

Writer of "penny dreadfuls"
Second-generation Pre-Raphaelite painter, or decorator
Impressionist painter
Uber-romantic poet (think Swinburne)
Perennial chorus member of Gilbert & Sullivan productions
Rent boy or "knowing" Oxford student
Self-absorbed leading actor

I think it ought to take place in London or Paris. I'll probably introduce my "character" in a few days, once I've thought up the details. Guaranteed to be an artist, writer, or adventurer. :)

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Date:1989-03-16 19:03
Subject:Some Ideas For Original Characters

I've been brainstorming some ideas for original characters in this rpg. Just various labels, character traits. The kinds of people you might find in fin de seicle Europe. Feel free to add to it, use the ideas, etc.

One idea I really like is for someone to be a "yellow journalist" who writes the "society page" of a vaguely disreputable newspaper and prints sordid half-truths about their enemies, etc.

A Socialist/Marxist
Successful Poet/Playwright (ie Shaw, Wilde), etc
Progressive Reformer
Devout Catholic
Factory Worker
Captain of Industry
Prostitute, renter, showgirl (think seamy underbelly)
A Traveller from America or the East
Starving, Obscure Poet/Writer/Artist (think Rimbaud)
Student, Studying Somewhere
A Common Criminal, Pickpocket, Petty Thief
A Murderous Madman
A Suffrage Advocate

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Date:1989-03-16 19:01

I would like imput from everyone who wants to participate before we actually begin the RPG. I'm pretty sure we all have basically the same idea in mind. An RPG taking place in late 19th century Europe. Yet to be determined is what city it will take place in, what sort of characters we'll have, etc. I'm a firm believer in everyone who wants to participate participating. I guess I'm the moderator, but this is basically going to be unmoderated. I think we should include both original and historical characters, for example, Bernard Shaw. I guess it'll be first-come first serve for those. I'm inviting everyone to post introducing their original characters, story lines, etc. We can probably start the actual RP in about a week. What do you all think?

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