Irene Norton, née Adler (miss_adler) wrote in spiritlamp,
Irene Norton, née Adler

Presenting Miss Adler.

The well-known adventuress Irene Adler is known to most as "The Woman" who once outwitted Sherlock Holmes himself (A Scandal in Bohemia).

Previous to the events recounted in that story, which include her tumultuous involvement with a King of Bohemia, Miss Adler's activities are numerous and suspect. It is purported that she made her fortune on the stages of Europe as a singer, dancer, and actress, after emigrating from America. However, her notorious talent for disguise and a number of assumed names have made it difficult indeed to verify her past deeds and current whereabouts. It is believed she is married to the barrister and Freemason Godfrey Norton, though possibly deceased under curious circumstances.

[Moreover, there is evidence to suggest that Holmes himself, no stranger to deliberate misinformation, has been part of an elaborate plot to further obfuscate the truth...]

His Highness Wilhelm von Ormstein: "You do not know her, but she has a soul of steel. She has the face of the most beautiful of women, and the mind of the most resolute of men."

Sherlock Holmes: "She is the daintiest thing under a bonnet on this planet."

Possible aliases: Irene Adler, Irene Norton, Madame Pierre Gautreau, Madame X, Miss Kate Vaughan, Catherine Candelon.

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